Sazerac all about the cocktail classic from New Orleans

Sazerac all about the cocktail classic from New Orleans

nginx But one thing is certain: In 1850, a certain Sewell T. Taylor sold his bar The Merchants Exchange Coffee House in New Orleans to set up a liquor import business. One of his import brands was a cognac called Sazerac-de-Forge et Fils (in the picture below a bottle from 1858). Aaron Bird, who had headed the Merchants Exchange, then changed the name of the place to Sazerac Coffee House. Bird is said to have started serving a house cocktail based on Sazerac cognac imported by Taylor, bitters from local pharmacist Antoine Peychaud, and some absinthe. The location changed hands several times until Thomas Handy became the boss around 1870. During this time, the main ingredient changed from cognac to Rye Whiskey, because the then prevalent phylloxera plague in Europe was bad for France's wine production. It was Handy who, sometime before his death in 1889, wrote the recipe that then printed in 1908 in William Cocktail Boothby's legendary The World's Drinks and How to Mix Them. And that with the Swiss touch? Image: KEYSTONEAbsinthe, baby! La fée verte from the Neuchâtel Val-de-Travers! Popular worldwide in the 19th century, the spirit was banned in most Western European countries and North America for most of the 20th century due to its supposed hallucinogenic properties, which is why the Sazerac was used on Herbsaint, an aniseette produced in New Orleans. Storming the Sazerac The Sazerac Bar, which emerged from the Sazerac Coffee House, still exists today and is still considered the spiritual home of the cocktail (although the location has changed a few times over the years), where around 40,000 Sazeracs are served each year. When the prohibition reopened after the end of prohibition, the old men only rule was abolished, initially leading to a real rush of female customers that went down in history as The Storming of the Sazerac. Image: In March 2008, Democratic Senator Edwin R. Murray from New Orleans submitted a move to make the Sazerac Louisiana’s official state cocktail. The law was initially rejected. But after another debate, the Louisiana Legislature decided on June 23, 2008: The Sazerac is the official cocktail of New Orleans. THANKS FOR THE

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